Pheriengrams & Commissions

Every "season" that passes on brings with it a change of available prints. The older prints go into what we call Pheriengrams, a compilation of all older 8x10 prints. With every purchase in the store, the customer will receive 1 random print from the Pheriengram. This is our way of making older content available beyond the restrictions of the websites stock-sized limit.

Now accepting new commissions. Please contact via email. Limited availability.
All commission prices are negotiated depending on the nature of the piece requested and amount of time to be spent on the work. Any reworking of a piece adds additional costs. The artist retains the right to refuse any work request. No NSFW or 'inappropriate' content requests.

Approximate Pricing: Sketch / Loose: $50-$100

Classic Styles: $200-$300

Highly Detailed: $500+

Additional characters/subjects in the piece: ~+30% each.

Sketch / Loose indicates a piece which captures the style of a character or person in a loose, flowing style. These pieces are emotive and expressive, perfect for showcasing a character's personality at an affordable price. Generally takes 1-4 hours to create.

Classic Styles have detailed linework or strong painterly effects, a focus on the character primarily, and possess a powerful presence. Each is rendered at a high resolution and truly capture the essence of their subject. These pieces take anywhere from 4-12 hours of work.

Highly Detailed pieces are as they are titled: pieces which Pherian spends a great deal of time on, creating dense layers of detail and radiant color and lighting. These are showcase items, pulling in the viewer and forcing them to analyze the entire piece bit by bit. These pieces take more than 12 hours to complete and as such are priced accordingly.